Thursday, May 04, 2006

Why We're Jealous of Portland

Our neighborhood bookstore goes out of its way to employ stereotypically mousey, bespectacled types. There book selection is first-rate (everything in the place is top-shelf), don't get us wrong, but the world needs more well-read hotties. At the very least, we'd like to see some eye candy while browsing the stacks.

And the Portland Mercury tells us that Powell's Books has acheived this, with pictures to prove it. What's more, the Powell's Pearl Room is apparently (scroll down for best public sex spots in Portland--they'd do well to distribute this list at the airport) as good a pick up spot as the 2nd floor of the old alma mater's library, which was once listed in Playboy as one of the top ten hookup spots in the country. (Our experience failed to verify that.) Powell's also has a great blog featuring posts from guest authors, sorta like book readings but online, but, sadly, nothing XXX-rated.


  1. Anonymous6:49 PM

    ehehehe. Pahkah, you too much!

  2. I'm a well-read hottie. Of course, I'm also an idiot...

  3. Having read TS Eliot AND some self-help book on writing dissertations does NOT make you well-read.

    PS Your personal hero's name is Bolker, not Boaker.

  4. I think Parker stereotypically disqualified you because of the glasses. He thinks he's Dorothy Parker ["men never make passes..."].
    You may have a discrimination case.

  5. perc, if you look closely, we impugned her IQ. we never had any problems with her looks.

  6. Heh. Dorothy Parker I ain't.

    Impugn. I loves that werd! It's 'perc' definition would be - to puke very assertively.