Monday, May 15, 2006


Everyone loves "Best of __" lists. So why not make a music zine of nothing but "Best of __" lists? Blender has. They've got the 500 Best Songs Since You Were Born, which will also hook you up with the 500 CDs to Buy Before You Die!, and also worst of lists such as the 50 Worst Artists, the 50 Worst Songs, and so on. Go on, you know you're going to be reading these all day. In a mag full of The 50 Best All-Time Lists, celebrity playlists round out the rest of the articles.

Their blog, which similarly sensationalizes the Best Album Cover of the Week and such, scores big points by linking us to the antique Chris Isaak Wicked Game video.


  1. no, no, and NO. NOT everybody loves lists. i detest gender stereotypes (almost as much as i hate lists) but this one gender stereotype i know to be true: BOYS love lists. some (testosteroney) girls like lists. the other people - the gals, that is - HATE lists

    hrrmph! heh

  2. ha HA Ha! You made me think of all the All Time Greatest Top Five Obsession in High Fidelity.

    And we know plenty of girls, girlie ones at that, who jump at the opportunity to make a Top 5 list about anything. Any-thing.