Sunday, May 07, 2006

So We're a Little Late to the Party

But this is the best blonde joke ever.


  1. Liz Jones10:30 AM

    I totally don't get it...Where's the joke, white man? My BF's movie is in Technicolor. Yay!

  2. Beeyatch. I heard about your skinny, bony, white ass getting all "oh, I've heard how you boys swing those trouser snakes!" on the bus. Don't like black men, eh? Next time I come around your hood I'm gonna pound your hide so bad you'll wish you hadn't left the farm.

  3. Ladies, ladies! No need for pounding each others hides. BUT if you are going to be catfighting, please provide a link to the webcast. Not that we want to project our fantasies of watching lesbian sex acts onto your fight--we are simply concerned for your safety and want to watch so that if things get out of hand, we can call for help.