Tuesday, January 03, 2006

More On Christian Fundie Education

Christine Rosen grew up in a Bible-belt fundie school where the faculty bragged that students didn't have to lug around heavy science books and staged a boycott of the local 7-Eleven because the place stocked Playboy. (When we stopped in a 7-Eleven for a Diet Coke and a Moonpie during a recent drive through the Carolinas, the Playboys were piled up in front of the fountain machine, so we understand how the innocent school teachers came to know of Playboy's whereabouts.) Thankfully, she survived, and, somewhere along the way--despite the best efforts of her teachers, we suspect--learned to write so that she could tell us the tale. Salon has the review, which indicates the book is in fact aimed at the Kerry-Edwards bumper sticker crowd:

"My Fundamentalist Education" promises a glimpse into a world we soy latte addicts don't understand but can no longer dismiss. Controversy about evolution, Christian blockbusters in Hollywood, a president who speaks in biblical code: Christianity is hot, and Rosen's background is, suddenly, marketable. With her intelligence and tongue-in-cheek tone, she comes across as the ideal liaison: a former insider who will explain fundamentalism while allowing us to chuckle at it.
At any rate, we chuckled when we learned that Christine's mother discliplined her by telling her, "Well, if I get raptured and you don't, there is nothing I'll be able to do about it."

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