Thursday, January 05, 2006

Did Jesus Exist?

'Cause if he didn't, the Catholic Church may be guilty of impersonation and conning people by exploiting a popular belief. So the Italian courts are considering this important question as we speak... Frankly, we're not sure what to say about this.


  1. I think the existence of Jesus is pretty secure--that is, unless Italy has activist judges too.

    Here's my analysis of the whole thing: Could Jesus Suffer His Father's Fate?

  2. Your "analysis" is nothing but drivel that reveals your insecurity that Jesus existed at all while totally missing the legal question at hand, namely that the Church based its teachings about the purported historical Jesus on one John of Gamala.

    And you know what we think of creationism from the rest of our posts on the subject.

  3. Who will win? He who argues his case with the most fiscally comfortable conditions.

    Who would have thought this would happen in Italy?

    Personally, I support Jesus as an idealized role model, not as a divine historical figure. Is there a sect for morally concerned agnostics out there?

  4. Human secularism?

    I DO wish I had time to read Harold Bloom's Names Divine. Bloom has said before that most Americans who believe they worship God actually worship the protagonist of either a slim volume called the Gospel of Mark or the J Writer's contributions to the Pentateuch. He also dismisses any search for the historical Jesus. But then he says Hamlet is more real than any of us. So the book is supposedly the exposition of these characters from their texts, which means that starting with the general premise that they are fictional characters in works of genius, he can show that they are more real than any of us.

    IF he doesn't piss you off before you finish the book, which is very likely.