Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Holy Sacrament of Marriage

If a soldier is married, he or she can live off-base, get an extra $1000 a month for living expenses, and extend healthcare benefits to his or her spouse. Which is to say, if you marry a soldier, you get to split an extra $1000 bucks a month of spending money and you get free healthcare. And why would a soldier marry you? To live off-base and get a piece of that $1000 bucks a month. Every body wins. Youth Radio has the story of one such couple who married for the money--the soldier is the wife's roommate's little brother and the closest they have come to actually consummating the union was a tongue kiss at the Las Vegas wedding chapel--who have been easily collecting their benefits for a couple years now, just like everyone else in the soldier's platoon. Although the wife does get a quizzical look from her doctor when requesting birth control refills, given that her husband is in Iraq for the foreseeable future.

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