Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Dumbass Design Infecting California, Too

So-called Intelligent Design--we love the rechristening by BoingBoing's Xeni Jardin, btw--is spreading like the avian flu [good old reliable InstaTesticle's paranoia about the subject insures that there will always be a post about it near the top of his page]. Despite Judge Jones's definitive statement of the obvious last month, the LA Times reports on a California county where they have designed a philosophy class for the sole purpose of attacking evolution.

They didn't teach philosophy in our public high schools. In fact, they had a hard enough time getting us Georgia rednecks to learn to make change of a $20 and pump gas without spilling ("career ed," they called it). But let's give the Lebec Schools the benefit of the doubt, since a philosophy class isn't a bad idea. Starting with Plato and Aristotle, they could gloss over all the world's philosophies in a year long course, which we think would leave about 2 minutes to discuss the footnote that is American Christian Fundamentalism.

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