Friday, July 08, 2005

A Note & A Link On London 7/7

We heard about the bombing on the way in to work yesterday a.m. The BBC blathered on for 8-10 minutes about the "import and ramifications of this morning's events" before spitting out the simple fact that several bombs had gone off throughout the London Underground, killing several and wounding many. Almost as obnoxious as the US newsmedia, although they did not overestimate the casualty counts.

Random Acts of Reality has several good posts and comments both from Londoners and outsiders. Since this is the day after, start with Normality.

We are particularly amused at the contrast between the British and American responses. The British are saying, "Eh, after 20 years of the IRA, we can cope." Meanwhile, the US Dept of Homeland Security, despite Chertoff's best efforts to keep his head, has its panties all in a wad.


  1. Anonymous3:08 PM

    Long been a fan of Tom from Random Acts. He even (gasp) commented on my site once, about my unhealthy coffee consumption.

    Also check out the London Underground which is impressively comprehensive.


  2. Cool.

    The Flickr photo pools that sprung up within hours were amazing, too.