Tuesday, July 26, 2005

New Mag

Music Hurts. Yeah, don't it. Go with lots of time to kill--they have lots of (short) articles, complete with sound clips. Lots to explore.

The Trivial Pursuit dork in us especially loves the tidbits about Chinese Hip-hop, which is pro-communist and urges you to respect your elders, and Moracco's insistence that wearing black T shirts to concerts undermines public morality. And you thought Red State blue laws were annoying.


  1. Red State? What about Boston? Wasn't there an infamous -- tho, frankly well-intention -- sorority house/bordello law? Something about 11 unmarried women in the same house, sans men, equaling a whorehouse...

  2. Boston gets away with blue laws because their blue laws are older than any red state. And the whole city of Boston functions under the assumption that the whole operation went to shit about the time Georgia gained legal representation. Can't argue with that.