Saturday, July 16, 2005

Catholics Deemed "Not Christian Enough" To Adopt

The Bethany Christian Services adoption network, which receives money collected by the sale of Choose Life license plates in several states, says that the Catholic Church conflicts with their "Statement of Faith" and therefore does not allow Catholic couples to adopt children through their network.

This came to light recently when a couple in Jackson, MS, (who knew there were Catholics in Mississippi?) applied to adopt a child after reading the Statement of Faith that all Bethany Christian parents must sign and reviewing it with their priest, who agreed that it does not conflict with Catholic dogma. The Bethany Christian Services director Karen Stewart however, continues to say, "It has been our understanding that Catholicism does not agree with our Statement of Faith." (She clearly knows more about Catholicism than any priest.)

Now obviously, any donations to a group called Choose Life will be used to perpetuate narrow-mindedness and bigotry. And it is no real surprise that tax-deductible special license plate fees (ie, taxes by any other name) are being funneled to faith-based bigots in the current political climate. So the only question is, Will this lead to Holy War between Catholic pro-lifers and Protestant/Evangelical pro-lifers?

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