Friday, February 03, 2006

The Satanic Comics

The Danish cartoons behind the uproar in the Middle East are available here, including the one featuring the Prophet wearing a bomb for a turban. The European comedians have been mocking Christian symbols like the Cruxifix for centuries, so we suggest that Muslims think of this as equal opportunity mockery.

Also, when we heard several talking heads on the radio today explaining that Christian Europe needs to be more sensitive to Muslim's religion and values, etc, we thought, "Most of Europe and certainly everyone drawing cartoons for the newspaper would be pissed if they heard you accusing them of being Christians."

UPDATE: Christopher Hitchens points out in a matter-of-fact piece at Slate that 1) Arab and Muslims newspapers are replete with anti-Jewish slurs of every kind and 2) Demanding that non-Muslims obey the same rules about not representing the Prophet as Muslims is not a demand for respect, it is a demand for conversion.

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