Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Bush's NASA Crony On The Run

George Deutsch, the 24-year old p.r. guy installed by President Bush to make sure that the word "theory" follows every instance of the words "Big Bang" and to keep anyone at NASA from talking about Global Warming, resigned today when it was "leaked" that he had not in fact graduated from Texas A & M, as his resume stated.

Possible Administration responses: 1. The journalists who leaked the non-existence of this man's degree have done this country a great disservice. 2. Anyone who spent 5 years at Texas A & M is more than qualified to run NASA or any other job in this nation's government and his resignation was a personal career decision. 3. If certain liberal elements hadn't hijacked Texas A & M, this hardworking boy, who is a good person, dagnabbit, would have graduated, so his resume simply reflected what he had earned, irrespective of what had been given him. (If Scott McClellan utters any of these statements, he owes us royalties and all our loyal readers get a free ice cream.)

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