Sunday, February 26, 2006

Can We Just Say

...that this Sunday's Times fkn rocked? First, on the homepage, there was this wonderful by-line:

Dubai Ports World will "voluntarily" ask the Bush administration to pursue the deeper investigation Congress has been demanding.
Hahaha! With a pellet gun to their heads, the Ports World folks will ask for the review that BushCheneyRove, Inc., insists isn't necessary--since when does any paper have the moxie to put voluntarily in quotes like that?

THEN the mag led with this yummy goodness: The Taliban's foreign spokesman is a freshman at Yale.

AND to end with a laugh, the Week in Review featured this exchange from the Colbert Files:
Mr. Colbert knew just how to get under the skin of one of them, Bill Pascrell Jr. of New Jersey, by suggesting that Mr. Pascrell, a co-sponsor of legislation seeking an end to offensive media portrayals of Italian-Americans, was not a true Italian.

"Congressman," Mr. Colbert said, "your name doesn't end in a vowel."

"Italians don't have to end in a vowel," Mr. Pascrell parried. Mr. Colbert demanded that he name one.

Flustered, the congressman blurted out: "Sole! Tom Sole. S-O-L-E."

God that's good.

PS We've been sporadic with our posting this past month. We'll do better in March.

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