Saturday, February 11, 2006

Missed Friday Happy Hour... So Get Drunk on Saturday

Ivanabitch vodka. Over at the Ivanabitch web site, they need to cut the crap about how clear the shit is. We've never drank or even seen vodka that wasn't clear. Nor would we. It is vodka. It is called Ivanabitch. So we're having some.

BTW, Clear Channel won't run the Ivanabitch ads because they feature an "overly suggestive" murkin. Ass hats.


  1. All the cool, fancy professionals drink Ciroc now because it's actually really good.

    I've been prone, though, to a few medicational shots of Finlandia cuz it's cheap.

    But ciroc, yo. Quality shit.

  2. I had some Circo last summer and was not impressed. That is a little harsh--I am not really a vodka man. Circo didn't convert me, but it is certainly no worse than any other vodka.

    Shandy has a great bootie call story involving a bottle of Ciroc.