Wednesday, December 07, 2005

New Gawker Blog: Consumerist

Like everyone else, we are addicted to Gawker and Wonkette. Let's be honest, here: We lust after Jessica Coen like nothing else. So here's the obligatory link to the Gawker for Shoppers, Consumerist. BoingBoing described it as "Consumer Reports written by someone who's just been on hold with customer service for an hour," which is tasty enough that we'll nibble.

The Consumerist tells of his aversion to NyQuil, which has recently been reformulated to its detriment in the name of thwarting would-be bathtub crystal meth makers:

When once we were Tiny Consumerists who ate dirt, our sniffling noses and mild fevers were accompanied by dread. Would we be subjected to that foul syrup Nyquil, the vile tincture that tasted like candied anise melted between the assfolds of Sammy Davis Jr’s scotch-soaked corpse? Even with a milk chaser and the (inexplicably effective) soothing sound of a running tap, we could barely choke it back. This quickly bred our propensity for bucking up, which will be useful come the day when we are dying of lung cancer and Gawker Media still doesn’t offer insurance.
Good stuff.

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  1. i confess that i, too, read thru that entire nyquil entry. i have a friend who's hooked on the stuff. but we don't need to get into that