Friday, December 30, 2005

Coldplay to Audiences: Buy Our CD. But Don't Listen to It.

Coldplay's latest CDs have "anti-piracy" features that prevent the owner from ripping mp3s of the music, which basically means that the CDs won't play in many car stereos, CD-RW combo drives, portable CD players, Macintosh computers, or basically anything other than a stand-alone CD player or Windows Media Player, if you let the Auto-Run software on the CD muck around with your Windows Registry (we know enough to know "mucking around with the Windows Registry" is bad for your computer).

Should you buy one of these CDs, you will only find all of this out after you open the package, where an insert explains these rules and also proclaims that refunds will only be considered for manufacturing defects.

Since most Coldplay audiences prefer concerts where they are expected to sit quietly in their seats with hands folded in their laps or the band will stop playing, this should go over well.

Question: How does preventing a CD from playing on a Mac prevent piracy?

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  1. what dicks they are. i hadn't been able to figure out whether i hated them becuz they're so frigging popular or becuz their sound is just a lame retread of 10 bands that came before them (catherine wheel, slowdive, fatima mansions, U2). and that's not even getting into gwyneth. but now i can detest them for this. thank you!