Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Web Calendars

Google Calendar has been up and running, beta-style, for a coupla weeks now. And we hear great things about a similar web cal, 30boxes.com. We are giving both a half-assed trial for the next week or so. 30 Boxes is first and foremost a social app, geared for sharing schedules, planned events, and so on with your buddies. Google does most of that, too, along with all kinds of RSS options--although we're not really sold on RSS for calendars yet. Both look iCal for the Web.

Neither sync with our Palm, however. We realize that Palms have really gone out of style, but at our day job, they are de rigeur, so as long as we'ev got one in our pocket, it might as well do some multitasking. And surely some XML dork will work out a way to sync one of these babies across our Palm, desktop, and web in one slick hotsync operation.

There are plenty of hacks already for Google Calendar: Google can send events and such to your cell via SMS and this hack lets you type new events into Google's main page or toolbar just like you do with searches.

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  1. Stopdesign has lots of notes on Gcal here, and there is a whole Lifehacker category for hacks and tips.