Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Packed with iTMS Goodness

Coming soon to a store near you--General Mills will be including a code good for one iTMS download in cereal boxes this summer, with some boxes containing special codes for 5 downloads. Brands include one of our childhood favs, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, as well as heart healthy Cheerios.

This is going to be VERY good, esp. considering the amount of cereal we'll be eating to make our rent payments in Boston this summer.


  1. in boston this summer? how lovely. why, one wonders. boston (well, lawrence) happens to be a certain "texan's" hometown

  2. moving there, in fact, for a job, now that the med school thing is wrapping up. a masshole from lawrence makes more sense than a true texan. (c:

  3. wow, kick ass, and other assorted admiring gurgles. and that kind of schoolage might actually enable you to afford rent. best!