Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday Happy Hour

Those of you who know us have already been introduced to the Grapefruit Screwdriver--grapefruit juice in place of the orange; try it and you will never go back. In anticipation of the Easter brunches this weekend, we'd like to suggest grapefruit mimosas.

Along those lines, Epicurious has a Grapefruit Cooler, which is nothing more than grapefruit, sparkling water, and a splash of Grand Marnier on ice. They recommend a little salt to take the edge off the grapefruit's bitterness, which we'll keep in mind if we get a bitter one. Unfortunately, the substitution of sparkling water for bubbly wine robs you of most of the alcohol. That may be a good thing on a warm sunny afternoon like this, but it means you'll need a stronger nightcap later.


  1. i feel silly making a comment on this item you posted 2 wks ago but i would feel sillier posting the news of this on your very good, very serious item (posted today) about how we're gonna hafta pay for using the internet. i mean, that'd be even worse

  2. that is AWESOME! thank u