Monday, November 14, 2005

More on Picture Books

ORIGINAL POST: We thought this'd be a nice follow-up to our earlier post on Picture Books: The Print and The Book.

UPDATE: Screw that. Today we stumbled over IT IN place, the art blog by Alex Itin who draws on the pages of books:

I started ripping up books and drawing in the pages (it had been a warm-up exorcize I did in College). The only rule was that it had to be a book that I’d read and that I’d loved. There seemed no point in destroying something you were ambivalent about. I did thousands of drawings....most were terrible, but I began to find a new language of linked images.
The climbing fellow at right--which to us looks like either a painted pygmy or possibly a demon from Dante's Hell--is from the blog, and you should run over there right now for more. Itin is artist-in-residence at The Institute for the Future of the Book, which is itself worth checking out. Especially the if:book blog.

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