Saturday, October 01, 2005

Things Creationists Hate

The creationist campaign against science is, we think, rooted in a deep hatred of something or someone, perhaps Darwin. Skeptic Report has gone us one better and compiled an extensive list of all things that creationists hate, from pi ("used to be 3, representing the Trinity, back in Solomon's time; now it is 3.14... oh, who the hell can remember the rest nowadays") to St. Paul (who wrote in 1 Timothy [that's in the Bible, for those who haven't read it], "ignore fables and endless genealogies") in addition to Darwin (the instigator of all evolutionary thinking, which destroys faith in God and therefore all morality and honesty, was an Episcopalian preacher!?).

Seems the creationist even loathes humility:

I have determined, after extensive surveying, tabulation, and data analysis, that the average creationist in the US earns $21,387.29 in family income; owns 1.2 cars, 1.8 TVs, and 2.3 kids; and has, at some point in his life, answered to the name "Bubba." He has less than one year of college. Yet he knows more about paleontology than Bakker or Horner or Currie (or he thinks that what they know is wrong--same thing). He knows more about the definition of evolution than Gould or Dawkins. He knows more about biology than Dobzhansky or Mayr. He knows more about cosmology than Hawking, Smoot, or Witten, and more about human fossils than Johanson or the Leakeys. He knows more "true" geology than geologists, more physics than physicists, more astronomy than astronomers--and more about everything than atheists like Asimov or Sagan.

And yes, we are aware that the current crop of creationists prefer the term "intelligent design." We prefer to call fossils fossils. And besides, if they truly believe things do not change over time due to pressures in the environment, why did they change their name and their story?

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