Saturday, August 13, 2005

Wal-Mart Kills Man For Shoplifting

A man in a Texas Wal-Mart was said to be shoplifting some diapers. So the security guards--who are civilians, by the way--chased him into the parking lot, where they wrestled him to the ground. As one security technician held his knee on the back of the accused neck and another stood on his back, the accused began to scream in pain as the asphalt burned his body.

At this point, we imagine the security people bitching about how criminals always try and hide behind their "rights" and muttering, "Criminals are like dogs--ain't got no rights but we give 'em."

Some passersby started yelling at the security goons to let the guy up off the ground. They did not. Some started shouting, "Call an ambulance! He isn't breathing!" The security experts said no one was calling an ambulance. The accused was no longer moving or breathing and someone noticed his fingers were turning an ugly blue-gray, so they called 911. When EMS arrived, they assured Wal-Mart that this master carpenter and father of a 2-month old son will never shoplift again.

To the security goons: If Wal-Mart doesn't promote you, the Bush administration will gladly give you any number of jobs.

Check out details and discussion at Daily Kos.

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