Monday, August 08, 2005

Cindy Sheehan Wants Answers

Casey Sheehan was killed last year in Iraq. And now his mother Cindy wants President Bush to answer some basic questions about why he had to die. Seems fair. So she is holding vigil along the road to Bush's Crawford Ranch, where he is vacationing this month, in hopes that he will have to decency to talk to her, face to face.

Cindy, we are with you in spirit. But the realist in us thinks Bush will explain himself to the citizens of this nation when hell freezes over. Hell, he swaggered, ahem, walked into office even though most of us voted for the other guy, so he basically thinks that the political opinions of at least 50 million of us are worthless, so we can assure you that your claim to an explanation from him doesn't even register in his mind.

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