Monday, August 08, 2005

Old-School Southern Bigotry

Last month, Georgia Equality put up a bunch of billboards all over the Atlanta suburbs featuring neighborly looking teachers, firefighters, and others with obvious slogans: "I teach your children." "I fire your fires." "We are your neighbors." In phase two of the ad campaign, they revealed another line on the billboards: "...And we are gay."

That got the Atlanta suburbanites all riled up. Both the Forsyth County residents, a county north of Atlanta infamous for its rabid KKK members--word on the street is, if you's black, you have no business in Forsyth County after dark, so you best be movin' on before sumthin' happens to ya--and also the purportedly more modern, soccer mom-infested Gwinnett County. To wit, a Gwinnett resident who refused to give his own name--perhaps it was Mr. Akai--had this to say about the billboards:

“It’s just another trick by fucking faggots to recruit,” he said. “I would rather my house burn down than have a fag save it.”

A New South indeed.

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