Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Guilty Unless Proven Innocent

A 13-year old girl was stripped searched because her middle school principal thought she might be smuggling ibuprofen (aka Motrin or Advil, similar to those other street drugs, aspirin and Tylenol, that the kids go for these days)--seems another girl at school was caught with two pills of the stuff and fingered the girl in question, an estranged friend, as the source. So the school nurse and administrator strip searched her, playing right into the first girl's plan to get her "friend" deeply, truly humiliated and ruining the second girl's life. Or something like that.

Her case is now being argued before the Supreme Court. Asked by the New York Times reporter about the perp's pristine permanent file--straight As until the incident, and not a single disciplinary report--the school said, "Yes, but that does not mean she followed school rules, just that she did not get caught breaking them."

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