Wednesday, January 23, 2008

QotD: Hey, It Worked for Hoover, So It Will Work for Me!

Keith Olbermann took Bush to task for the current recession but did the usual pundits one better by suggesting some real ways to restore economic prosperity.

In the same segment, Rachel Maddow praises John Edwards:

…Not only was he the first on talking about the stimulus package, as you mentioned, but he’s also been the populist guy on economics. He’s the guy whose been most willing from the very beginning to actually identify bad guys in the economy. To say, let’s be patriotic about something other than war, let’s be moralistic about something other than sex, let’s talk about corporate irresponsibility and corporations that don’t serve the people who work for them, or the consumers. Let’s actually identify un-American bad behavior in the economy and, that kind of, I think, real forceful approach to the issue, is going to place him in good stead right now.

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