Monday, March 13, 2006

Obnoxious Alarm Clocks

A week or so back, Ars featured the Puzzle Alarm Clock, which ejects 4 puzzle pieces into your room when it alarms. To silence the thing, you have to find and fit the pieces back together. We'd just unplug it, but we have to admit it's more creative than scattering several alarm clocks around your bedroom.

Now Uber-Review (didn't the bad habit of appending "uber" to everything get dumped back in the 90s?) has a round-up of 10 obnoxious clocks, including a Drill Sargeant that barks orders while playing Reveille and a bunch of things that bounce and fly around your room until you get up and silence them.

We are seriously addicted to the snooze button, but like we said, these damn things would be ripped from the wall in about 3 seconds. Glad to see someone had fun designing them, though.


  1. I just might look into one or two of these things for my sister, heeheehee.

    Thanks for posting!

    These are a hoot. :)

  2. They are funny little things!

    We always threatened my brother with a bucket of cold water when he wouldn't get out of bed--but never did, alas. (c: So you'll get extra credit for actually following through and getting your sister an exploding time bomb of an alarm!