Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Bill of Rights

They told us in school that America is great because Americans are free to criticize the government. "It is in the Constitution," they said, and they can't take that away. Thing is, when nobody gets punished for violating constitutional rights of Americans, that is the same as taking that away. Having lost elections to the right and having put our faith in an ineffective Democractic party, satire is the last defense of liberals like us.

-- EFF has printed the 4th amendment on stickers for you to put on your luggage for that nice person who's been leaving you after-the-fact notes telling you your papers and effects have been searched without a warrant.

-- Slate has a newly redacted Bill of Rights that we highly recommend you print out and display proudly.

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  1. That Slate link is fookin' brillyant!
    My sentiments exactly.