Saturday, June 04, 2005

New Coldplay: Soundtrack of Life

Life needs a soundtrack. We listen to so much music it is not funny--not only do we almost always have some music playing, we mean that we listen to lots of kinds of . Johnny Cash, especially in his mid-90s renaissance fueled by Rick Rubin, is so good that his guitar and smoke-cured voice should be part of everyone's soundtrack. Garden State managed to have such a great soundtrack that some days, we can just queue it up and use it as our own. Coldplay, which opens the Garden State soundtrack, has been getting close to essential soundtrack status. Clocks, for example, was awesome at first, but after a few spins, looses its luster.

Enter their new X and Y. Speed of Sound picks up right where Clocks left off. The rest of the album is at least as good. Okay, okay so it isn't legal to have heard the album before June 7th in the USA, but come on. Anyone who keeps an eye out for Coldplay tracks has already heard Talk--someone leaked it to BitTorrent a few months ago, and of course Speed of Sound was at Coldplay's website earlier in the spring. So you've had a preview. And X and Y lives up to all expectations.


  1. Agreed RE Johnny Cash/Rubin collabs.

    New Coldplay just got intriguingly trashed in yesterday's NYTimes - seems you can have all the talen in the world and not escape being branded a sappy eewy upstart.

  2. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Good reviews should make every effort to tear a band apart, but that one was pretty lame--Coldplay sucks because they are a wildly likeable band? Their CDs appeal to too many? Everyone listens to them?

    Popularity rarely means something is good, but there is no basis for equating popular with bad.