Monday, September 15, 2008

Apple + Nike DRM

We're suckers for the Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field. We have no problem going into hock for a new iMac and we're drooling for one of those new candybar iPod nanos. But we draw the line at this: Nike+iPod Sport Kit will be electronically tied to Nike-branded clothes. To explain, the Nike+iPod Sport Kit is a kind of pedometer for your iPod that uses a little chip you can drop into a pair of shoes--Nike of course makes shoes with a hiding place for the chip. Sounds fine, since your iPod is with you anyway when you work out/go for a run, but now Apple plans to link your iPod to your Nike shoes to an RFID in your Nike pants or jacket, ostensibly so that no one can steal your iPod or Sport Kit. But also so that you can only run in Nike brand pants. Wtf?

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